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Lyla in the orchard…

Lyla and I went to take some test shots at Royalty Pecan Farms‘ orchard a while back–it’s a lovely place for photos! We didn’t stay long, since it was mid day and **very** hot so we didn’t stay long, but here are a few shots that came out alright despite some harsh and very spotty […]

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Lyla goes swimming!

Lyla took a swim at the neighbor’s place the other day and had a blast–she **did not** want to leave! This kid cracks me up!     I just adore how lovely Lyla’s eyes are reflected in a blue pool…but I can’t say I care for slathering sunscreen on her squirmy body, but that fair […]

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Ava and Ben

These are Hoyt’s cousins Ava (isn’t she gorgeous?) And this is Ben: They came out to play with Mr. Hoyt and his firetrucks   I made this fireman/woman’s jacket for Mr. Hoyt, but he didnt’ want to wear it But Ava didn’t mind putting it to use   Ben can be a funny little guy! […]

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A little Picasso…

Meet Hoyt:   Little Hoyt can be a tad reserved…but man, once you get him painting he comes right out of his shell! The little smartie pants 3-year-old can even spell his own name!   We got some great pics of Hoyt’s beautiful cousins too…but we’ll save those for another day Bryan College Station family, […]

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Love and Leif go on an adventure…

Meet Love and Leif–Love is just beautiful…and Leif–well, I wish I could just put him in my back pocket and take him home, he’s that adorable. This is their adventure–you’ll meet their many animal friends another day!   This one is definitely a “framer”! Anyways, more from these two another day! Bryan College Station family, […]

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